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If you want to know more about me in a general sense, your best bet is my main site. If you want to know about me as it relates to my porn.... there isn't THAT much to say. I'm fat, so I draw my sona fat, and draw fat people in sexual situations. It's important to me. I'm queer, I'm trans. That's also important to me. If you have to know, and didn't catch it elsewhere, I am transmasc, but my expression of gender is just whatever. Sometimes I'm more masc sometimes I'm more fem. Still a dude. just vibing.
I am a kinky sort of person, and I have a list of kinks down below! Though the 'maybe' and 'nope' categories are more so aimed at what I will take commissions for or not socials

I have opinions and thoughts on almost everything and that includes porn. I have my personal morals that I won't push upon others and there are certain things I refuse to give the time of day because of that, but largely I try to be open minded and considerate. What I consider immoral vs what I consider just not to my taste.... I don't think I'm going to elaborate on it for now. I hope that, regardless, yall can enjoy the porn, wank to it, whaterever it is you do.


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Commissioned Art/Fanart


Fav! Yes! Maybe Nope
Fat characters Spanking (ass/belly) Underage
Trans characters!
Trans anatomy!
Pet Play Consensual non consent Non-con
Exhibitionism Inflation Ureathral Penetration Incest
Belly growth Nipple Penetration Hyper anything 'all the way through'
Weight Gain Belly/navel penetration BDSM Vomit
Feederism Scat
Cockwarming Vore
Somnophillia Fatal/Popping
Breast growth
Breast/nipple play
Public sex